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The Knifemakers' Guild traces its early beginning to February 1970 when a gentleman named A.G. Russell secured tables at the Sahara Gun Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and invited several knifemakers to display knives there. The show proved profitable in many ways, and the knifemakers parted, eager to get together again.

Later that year, eleven knifemakers met in Tulsa, Oklahoma to form the Knifemakers' Guild: John Applebaugh, Walter "Blackie" Collins, John Nelson Cooper, Dan Dennehy, T.M. Dowell, Chubby Hueske, Jon Kirk, R.W. Loveless, John Owens, Jim Pugh, and G.W. Stone. R.W. Loveless was elected Secretary for a year, and A.G Russell was made Honorary President.

The purposes of the Guild were, and continue to be: to promote custom knives and knifemakers, to assist the knifemaker technically, to encourage ethical and professional business conduct, and to sponsor an annual business meeting and knife show.

Today the Knifemakers' Guild has over 300 members from the United States and several foreign countries. Members meet once a year to conduct Guild business, elect officers, and display their work at the annual show. Thousands of collectors, investors, and sportsmen from around the world attend the Knifemakers' Guild Show each year to view and purchase quality, handmade knives and to meet their favorite artists and craftsmen.

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The Knifemakers' Guild members are very grateful to the many friends who have supported and promoted custom knives and knifemakers everywhere. Honorary members and collectors who share in the enjoyment and appreciation of each member's work provide the encouragement every artist needs to continue to grow and develop new levels of achievement.

Honorary members receive the newsletter published four times a year. They pay no admission fee at the annual Guild show and are admitted one hour before the show opens to the public, and are also guests at the Presidents' Gala held prior to each show.

All checks are to be made payable to KNIFEMAKERS' GUILD. 
Mail to:

The Knifemakers' Guild
121 Mt. Pisgah Church Road
Statesboro, GA 30458


(1) Voting Members - They have completed the Probationary Member requirements. They must display knives at the annual show once every four years. At age 55, they are exempted from the display requirement.

(2) Probationary Members - They must be engaged in the making of benchmade knives for sale to the public, including the grinding and/or forging of their own knives. Before attaining probationary status, they have filed an application signed by four voting members, have submitted promotional material representing his or her Handmade Knives, and have displayed their knives at the annual show where their work has been inspected by a technical committee. Probationary period is two years, at which time their knives must be displayed and inspected at the annual show before voting status can be granted.

(3) Youth Members - Young people over the age of nine, who make knives under the supervision of a parent or mentor, may be admitted as probationary members under this classification.

(4) Associate Members - This category of membership is reserved for those who are not knifemakers, but rather are engaged in a knife-related trade. Examples are, but not limited to, suppliers, photographers, publishers, purveyors, engravers, and scrimshanders. Associate members do not have voting privileges and are not required to display at the annual show.

(5) Honorary Members - These are the individuals, mainly collectors and a number of writers, who support the Knifemakers' Guild, promote custom knives and knifemakers, and advance the purposes of the Guild. Honorary members must be sponsored by a voting or probationary member. Knifemakers are not eligible for honorary membership.

(6) Knifemaker Emeritus - This category is reserved for those knifemakers who have attained voting status and are no longer able to make knives and are not continuing in the knife business.

(7) Founding Members - This group is comprised of the knifemakers responsible for founding the Knifemakers' Guild. Founding members do not pay annual dues, and the fourth year display requirement is waived.

All members are subject to the bylaws, rules, and regulations of the Knifemakers' Guild.

Knifemakers' Guild
P.O. Box 1251
New Port Richey, FL 34656-1251


Applications for probationary membership are available by contacting the following Membership Chairman:
Calvin Robinson
5501 Twin Creek Circle
Pace, FL 32571-9508
(850) 572-1504


Applications are available from the Membership Chairman:
Calvin Robinson
5501 Twin Creek Circle
Pace, FL 32571-9508
(850) 572-1504

When the signed application is returned, applicants should include photographs or printed material describing their knife related trade.


(Retired, no longer involved in the knife business)

A.T. Barr
Hugh E. Bartrug
Bob Cargill
Harold Corby
Donald Couchman
Jim E. Davis
Al Eaton
Fain Edwards
Roy Genge
Warren L. Goltz
Ed Halligan
Frank L. Hargis
Walt Harless
Joe Hawk
Ed Lane
J. J. McGovern
Frank Mcgowan
John Reynolds
Willie Rigney
Howard Robbins
Robert Robinson
Fred Roe
Masaki Sakakibara
John Salley
Mike Schirmer
Jim Serven
Cleston S. Sinyard
Wayne Valachovic
John W. Walker
Earl Witasman
Harold Woodward


*John Applebaugh
LeRoy Besic
Andy Blackton
Ralph Bone
Mark Bucholz
Mark Brightwell
Ed Brignardello
Don Broughton
** Frank Centofante
Edward V. Chavars
Alex Collins
*John Nelson Cooper
W. W. Cronk
John W. Cross
William “Bill” DeFreest
Dick Dorough
Harvey Draper
Paula Easler
Russell Easler
Brad Embry
Bob Engnath
Clyde E. Fischer
Yasuhiro Fujimoto
W. T. Fuller
Ron Gaston
Clay Gault
“Dick” Gillenwater
Jerry Grice
Robert Hajovskky
Shawn Halligan
Robert Hancock
James E. Hand, M.D.
Royal Hanson
Jim Hardenbrook
Don Hastings
Joe Hawk
Pete Heath
Larry Hendricks
**George Herron
Thomas H. Hetmanski
Vernon Hicks
Howard Hill
Dick Hodgson
Glen Hornby
Arthur Hubbard
*Chubby Hueske
Gerard T. Hurst
Bob Jones

*Jon Kirk
Russell Klingbeil
Walt Kneubuhler
Mick Koval
Norman Levine
**James B. Lile
Ron Little
Robert Loveless
Bob Lumm
James E. May
Harvey McBurnette
Zollan McCarty
Charles R. McConnell
David McIntosh
Ronald T. Miller
Dan Mink
**William F. “Bill” Moran
**Jim Nolen
Robert G. “Bob” Ogg
Bob Oleson
Milford Oliver
Howard Palmer
Will Pass
John Poythress
Charles Pratt
Martin Pullen
Dean Roath
Rodney Rogers
Harold Rollins
James Schmidt
Ben Shostle
Robert Sidelinger
Corbet Sigman
Cary Smith
Jerry Snell
Charles Stewart
*G. W. Stone
Carolyn Tinker
Bill Underwood
Frank Vought
**Buster Warenski
Red Watson
W. C. Williams
Gordon C. Wilson
Art Wiman
Joe Worel
Don Zaccagnino, Sr.
*Founding Member
**Served as Knifemakers’ Guild President


Voting Member - $200
Associate Member - $75
Probationary Member - $200
New Applicant - $200
Honorary Members  - $25.00


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